Live Free - Nudism eBook

Live Free - Nudism eBook

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Learn how Katie started as a single, lonely nudist who was afraid to be naked anywhere outside of her bedroom, and ended up traveling to clothes-free destinations regularly, and started one of the biggest nudist websites and communities online! 

Written by Webmistress Katie J., this 80-page eBook will teach you:

  • How to encourage a reluctant spouse to try clothes-free recreation (even if they're scared!) - Pg. 11
  • How to invite friends to join you at a nude beach - Pg. 14
  • What to say to your reluctant friend/spouse when at a clothing-optional beach - Pg. 15
  • Where to go to enjoy clothes-free recreation - Pg. 20
  • Why you shouldn't be concerned about being published naked on the Internet - Pg. 27
  • In-depth reviews of the top clothing-optional beaches in the United States - Pg. 29
  • The do's and don'ts about clothes-free fun at Haulover - Pg. 38
  • What men should do if they get into a "hard" situation - Pg. 74

If you've been on the fence about nude recreation, or know someone who has - this book will help you bring them along. 

Stop enjoying clothes-free recreation alone! Join the fun and LIVE FREE.

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